Big Boy - Edgar Tumbokon

Edgar Tumbokon, 18, was born in Makati, Philippines and grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he began writing and performing with the Get Lit Players in 2015. Since then, he has performed in venues ranging from Dodger Stadium to Warped Tour to the Kennedy Center and has represented Los Angeles at Brave New Voices for the past two years. When asked about his inspiration for “Big Boy,” Edgar says “I couldn’t help but focus my piece on something that hits close to home: my mother. Diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes when pregnant with me, my lived understanding of this condition is through her and to write about anything else would feel disingenuous. Thus, I wrote about our story and what it means to be diabetic going through pre-natal care [as] a low income, person of color.”

And for as long as I can remember
I have always been a big boy
Never known what skinny felt like
Never known what it was like to not look in the mirror and see deadweight
To not hold my mother down

To know that my nativity wasn’t only
Stretch marks and sleepless nights
It was Coca Cola cravings and chocolate sundaes
It was the pre-natal check up
Turned diabetes diagnostic meeting

That there was a time where there were no
Pricked fingers
Or high sugar level dizzy
No insulin shots
Or fear of phantom limbs
That before me
My mother could sleep easy
Knowing nothing of her own creation
Would make a glucose flood out of her body….